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Josh Redland, Testimonial

I can honestly say that I have absolutely loved every minute of my coaching sessions with Kathryn. I was introduced to her through an initiative at work, and if I am honest, I was unsure as to whether or not it would be beneficial. I couldn’t have got it more wrong. Not only has she helped me transition into a new role, but she has helped me understand how I can be the best that I can be in that role. Each and every session got better and better, and I can see the impact and change that it has had on me in the way that I go about my business. I cannot recommend Kathryn highly enough and I’m really excited to continue working with her.

Tom Hammond Testimonial

I must confess I came to coaching and all the connotations that surround it with a great deal of negativity and scepticism. After my first session with Kathryn that perception was flipped on its head. Kathryn has an energy and perceptive engagement that allows you to dig deeper, questioning things that previously you wouldn’t have done. I have taken a great deal from the day-to-day strategies Kathryn has imparted that help me to be a better Sales Leader and hopefully person. I would recommend Kathryn to almost anyone looking to seek improvement in their leadership position or simply trying to just do better in their given role.

I am so thrilled that they found Kathryn

The company I was working for, was looking to arrange coaching sessions for some of the leadership team and I am so thrilled that they found Kathryn. Her sessions were interesting, challenging and incredibly helpful. The tools, behaviours and phrases I learned during the coaching have proven to be of great value and gave me the confidence and self-belief to push myself further. I learnt a great deal about what I could do to improve my working life and really felt like I was able to take back control of my career. I would recommend Kathryn as a coach and mentor to anyone who is looking to develop and become a positive leader.

Everyone deserves a Kathryn coach

I’ve worked with Kathryn over two years and the difference is noticeable to all. She’s helped me with long term objectives and a healthy amount of small term surprises! I always look forward to our sessions and her follow ups are always thoughtful and digestible. Everyone deserves a Kathryn coach!