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Prior to us embarking on a coaching journey together it’s important that we have a virtual coaching chemistry session. This is a 30min ‘get to know you’ session. It’s for me to understand what has brought you coaching and why now. It’s for you to learn a bit more about me and to see if you feel that I could be a good chemistry match for you. I often think it’s a bit like going to view a house… you know very quickly if the coach is the right person for you.

I work globally with clients and depending on location there could be a blend of face-to-face and virtual sessions. I do recommend that clients consider having six sessions at 3-week intervals. It’s important to note that coaching does need your commitment. You will need to practice and play with the learning in between sessions. The coaching is the catalyst, but your personal commitment to driving change is what will make the difference. My ask is that you always consider whether the timing is right for you to undertake the coaching.